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HP is riding an innovation wave. Earlier this month the company updated its Spectre 13 and Spectre x360 13 laptops with 8th Gen Intel Core processors. And last week HP added a 2-in-1 workstation for artists, designers and digital-imaging professionals.

Called the HP ZBook x2, the new system is a 2-in-1 optimized for visually oriented workers, especially those using Adobe Creative Cloud. That’s Adobe’s subscription service of apps and services for graphics design, web development, video editing and the like.

HP calls the new system the “first detachable PC workstation.” And like other 2-in-1s, the ZBook x2 can be used in any of 4 modes:

> Laptop: Regular keyboard and connected display.

> Detached: The system functions as a tablet plus Bluetooth-connected detached keyboard.

> Docked: By adding an optional Thunderbolt dock, the system supports up to 2 additional 4K displays.

> Tablet: The display works as a standalone device with HP’s pressure-sensitive pen.

HP ZBook x2

HP’s new ZBook x2 in 3 of its 4 modes

The system isn’t especially light, weighing at least 3.6 lb. in tablet mode, and at least 4.8 lb. in laptop mode. “At least,” because HP says the system’s weight will vary by configuration. But it’s pretty thin: just 14.6 mm (approximately 0.6 in.) in tablet mode.

Display + Pen

The system offers a 14-inch 4K touch display and a pen device said to over nearly 4,100 levels of pressure sensitivity. There’s also a 720p HD webcam built in.

Under the hood, there’s a choice of either 7th or 8th gen Intel Core i7 processors that, with help from Intel Turbo Boost Technology, can speed up to 4.2 GHz. Graphics support comes from a mix of Intel and Nvidia processors. The recommended OS is Windows 10 Pro.

Storage on SSD PCIe drives maxes out at 2 TB. There’s also up to 32GB of RAM, which Intel says is twice the memory of any other detachable PC. To keep it all cool, the HP ZBook x2 features an internal 2-fan system.

Battery life is offered at up to 10 hours. Plus, there’s a cool “fast recharge” feature that promises to charge 50% of the battery’s power in just 30 minutes.

Deliveries of the HP ZBook x2 are set to begin in December with retail prices starting at about $1,750.

HP is riding a wave of innovation. Among the newest beneficiaries: Your design-pro customers.

For more technical details, check out the HP ZBook x2 datasheet.


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