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A new survey of IT pros finds your customers are a pretty satisfied group. But they could use your help with tools and resources, training and professional development.

The survey was conducted this past June by CompTIA, an IT association. In all, 820 IT professionals, all based in the United States, were surveyed.

In general, they expressed a great deal of job contentment. 79% of the respondents said they are very or mostly satisfied with their jobs. That wsa up slightly from a CompTIA survey conducted 2015, when 73% answered the same way.

Similarly, about three-quarters (73%) of IT pros surveyed by CompTIA in June said their jobs provide them with a sense of personal accomplishment. Nearly as many (71%) said their jobs make good use of their talents and skills.

Ease the pain

There were a couple of pain points, however. These are also where tech providers may find some new opportunities.

40% of the survey respondents disagreed with the statement, “My employer adequately supports my professional development.” So clearly, providing training and education could be a growth opportunity.

40% also disagreed with the statement, “I have the resources and tools needed to do my job.” Another place where you could help.

On the skills front, 82% of IT pros surveyed said they expect they’ll need more training and education in the future. Nuff said, right?

When asked about their concerns for the future, respondents most commonly mentioned these 3: lack of resources to do the job, skills becoming obsolete, and lack of work-life balance. Here’s a more detailed look at the wish list of IT pros, courtesy of CompTIA:

CompTIA survey wish list

Women in IT have special issues, too. 34% of the women surveyed by CompTIA said they’ve previously worked in non-IT jobs. And fewer than half (48%) of the women said they know their career path, compared with 57% of the men.

Looking for new services to offer? Now you know where IT pros need your help. 


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