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It’s big, bad world out there. Lenovo and Intel have come up with a powerful way to keep your PC-using customers safer online.

Lenovo is now offering 2-factor authentication for many of its devices based on 7th and 8th Gen Intel Core processors. That’s via Intel Online Connect, a 2-factor authentication service for Windows PCs based on Intel’s latest CPUs.

Lenovo claims to be the first PC supplier to offer FIDO-certified authenticators directly to its Windows PCs. The FIDO Alliance (short for Fast ID Online) is a nonprofit organization, formed in 2012, that’s creating an ecosystem for standards-based, interoperable authentication.

Fingerprint protection

By adding fingerprints, 2-factor authentication offers more robust security online. It can protect your customers, even if their usernames and passwords are stolen, by requiring that extra step of fingerprint authentication.

It also makes shopping online a bit easier. Once a user signs in with Intel Online Connect, they don’t have to wait for a security code or key on their phone. Nor do they have to input their credentials every time a new node is encountered.

Lenovo fingerprint scanner

Lenovo’s fingerprint scanner

Lenovo is making Intel Online Connect available via a download here. And on select devices, users can get the 2-factor authentication service via Lenovo System Update or Lenovo App Explorer. To download IOC, the devices must already have Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), an architecture designed to secure applications and data.

Here’s Lenovo’s list of the systems now offering 2-factor authentication; more are said to be coming soon:

> Yoga 920 2-in-1

> ThinkPad X1 Tablet (2nd gen) 2-in-1

> ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th gen) laptop

> IdeaPad 720s laptop

> ThinkPad Yoga 370 2-in-1

> ThinkPad T570 laptop

> ThinkPad P51s mobile workstation

> ThinkPad T470s ultrabook

> ThinkPad X270 laptop

Keep your Lenovo PC-using customers safer online. Check out the company’s new 2-factor authentication service.


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